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Raisinhill has risen from local acclaim to widespread recognition across clubs and jamband festivals, propelled by the sheer musicianship of their playing and a self-titled CD. The group has garnered praise from some of the most-watched jamband media. Jambands.com dubbed them “New Groove of the Month,” leading to their nomination for the “New Groove” category at the 4th annual Jammy Awards, held at Madison Square Garden.. Relix Magazine recently declared them one of the “best unsigned bands” and winners of their JamOff! competition. Always touring, always playing, with seemingly endless energy and drive, Raisinhill continues to bring their bristling instrumental originals to a host of summer festivals including The Gathering of the Vibes and Camp Creek in New York, Smilefest in North Carolina and Evolve in Nova Scotia. Wherever they travel, music fans are paying attention.

The trio has found that elusive musical relationship. They are equally accomplished and equally inventive, and the group’s involved, focused, jazzed-up, rocked-out pieces have propelled them faster than most bands dare to dream. Already, Raisinhill has been given featured spots at famed clubs like the Knitting Factory in NYC, House Of Blues in Boston, The NorVa in Virginia Beach and an increasing number of major touring markets each year.

Sometimes, the members use their voices as instruments, as sounds that weave between the notes. Occasionally there are words attached. Much of the material rises from their intense tri-weekly practice sessions, where the three produce instrumental songs that weave and expand across solid, relentless rhythm and melodic guitar hooks. Raisinhill’s music is experimental, drawing on elements from rock-heavy jams to island rhythms and jazz-fusion space, but it’s grounded. It grooves. It changes enough to keep listeners leaned forward, entranced, and ends soon enough to leave them hungry.