A serious blend

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Raisinhill, an eclectic jam-rock trio out of Connecticut, doesn’t mess around. Within two months after forming in late 2001, the band cut a four-song demo and began gigging throughout the Northeast. Just a few months later, it cut tracks for its self-titled debut CD.

On Thursday, Raisinhill will play Murray’s Inn in Wilkes-Barre.

John Kasiewicz on guitar, Brian Anderson on upright bass and Jay Bond on drums are all professional, schooled musicians, which is evident on their polished yet vibrant and sometimes spacey all-instrumental jazz/rock album.

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say our music is jazz, but it’s definitely been influenced by it and might contain some chords that sound like it,” Kasiewicz says. “We understand how jazz works, but it’s hard to classify our music. I’d say it’s more rock than jazz, but I guess that’s for the listener to decide.”

Lots of people are beginning to hear Raisinhill, which performed more than 100 times last year and anchors its sets with originals but also sprinkles in a few covers. Sometimes, they’ll even dish out a little Michael Jackson or Rage Against The Machine.

“It’s serious music, but we’re also very lighthearted about it and comedic between songs,” Kasiewicz says of the live show. “It’s a fun show, but we’re also presenting music that we really care about and are serious about.”

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