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Filled with mostly round sounds, and fairly cerebral, Raisinhill’s self-titled CD is a great chill-out record. From bouncing melodic pop to light and airy funk, this guitar/bass/drums trio is good at just about everything. With great dynamics and interesting percussion choices, Raisinhill switches gears from prog rock to jazz nearly seamlessly. The upright bass has a warm, non-low-endy sound that is so ear-pleasing it’s almost scary. The bass lines themselves are deliciously simple and hooky. At times there’s a highly danceable, New Order-like drone groove and at others it’s more like ’80s stadium rock. I’m amazed these compositions were recorded live. As with many instrumental albums, the songs tend to blend together after awhile, yet this whole album is a great ride from beginning to end. Sometimes the guitar playing sounds like Johnny Marr, sometimes like Santana, and sometimes like the future. Worth checking out.

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