5 Sappiest Love Songs You Should Listen To When You Are Sad

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Every people love good songs, isn’t it? Actually, there are some that are just too sentimental! You know what we are talking about. The classic “first dance” songs at each wedding, or the songs most of us listen to when we are going through break ups.

Obviously, not anything is better than lying in your room and listening to sad, sappy song when you are in the hard time. Most of us do this to distract ourselves from the problems of life. It is likely that each of us has our own sappiest love songs that we remember the most. In case that you want to add some more songs to this list, we have pulled together some well-known songs that have been recorded over the decades here. Read more to learn.

“Thinking Out Loud”

Before being a track from Ed Sheeran’s album “x”, this single has actually confirmed to be a chart-topping romantic ballad about a couple growing old together, and as the same time loving each other like it was still the first time they met each other. Similar to the majority of what we have listened from Ed Sheeran in the previous time, “Thinking Out Loud” has a soft, acoustic sound with the primary focus on vocals. There are also some backing vocals that flow with the music and bring the additional effect of the sounds of a choir.

“Lovin’ You”

“Lovin’ You” of American singer-songwriter Minnie Riperton gained many achievements after a short time published. In April 1975, it came to be a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. In the same year, it hit No. 3 on the R&B chart and No.2 in the UK. In addition, it was ranked No.13 for 1975 by the U.S. Billboard. One of the most beloved parts of this song is the high pitches which Riperton reaches in the song. There are also real chirping birds in the song.


One of the sappiest love songs we cannot miss is ‘Feelings” composed by Louis Gasté. Together with Brazillian singer Morris Albert, this song made famous by Albert. He recorded it as a single and published it within 1974. On the pop, “Feelings” reached the No. 6 and No.2 on the charts of American Adult Contemporary. This well-known song was covered by many other music stars, such as Engelbert Humperdinck, Glen Campbell, Nina Simone, and Johnny Mathis.


Before appearing on Murphey’s 1975 album – Blue Sky-Night Thunder, “Wildfire” was written by both Larry Cansler and Michael Martin. Telling the story about a woman who passed away and then her horse went searching for her. A man waited for them to come to him. Soon, the song has come to be Murphey’s highest-charting pop hit. In 1975, “Wildfire” peaked No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as well as No.1 on the chart of Billboard adult contemporary. For decades, this has been one among rare songs ever written about a horse, and this is the reason why this is one of the sappiest love songs.

 “The Lady In Red”

After having an argument with his wife, De Burgh began to write this song about her. However, he had a tough time completing it. One of the problems was that he finds it difficult to give a proper title. Until five months later, he saw his wife Diane wear red across the busy nightclub and had the idea of the title. On De Burgh’s official website, he told that the song was not particularly about Diane, yet about cherishing the most important people in our lives, who we always rely on; How we often fail to note what draws our attention in the first place. This side story of the song is part of the reason why “The Lady In Red” came to be one of the sappiest love songs.


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