Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – How To Pass Through Witcher 3 in Wolf’s Clothing

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About The Witcher 3:

Wild Hunt is an action and role-playing video game. It was developed and proclaimed by CD Projekt and it is applied to PS4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. From The Witcher series of fantasy novels by a Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, it is the sequel title of the 2011 game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and it began to release globally on 19 May 2015. With an open world with a third-person viewpoint, the players control the protagonist named Geralt of Rivia – a monster hunter called a Witcher, who is searching for his daughter on the way to the Wild Hunt – an otherworldly force which captured and used her powers.

witcher 3 in wolf's clothing

The players join the game with magic and weapons, interact with non-player characters, complete the tasks and quests of the main plot to gain experience points and golds, which are helpful in increasing Geralt’s abilities and improve equipment. Its based-story has different endings, conducted by the player’s choices at certain points in the game. To be honest, the Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing is the most wonderful game section.


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Before describing the Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing – a prominent part of the game, it is necessary to go more detail about the game’s features. The game provides the players with Geralt walks, rolls, runs, and dodges, and (relating to the first title in the series) climbs, jumps, and swims. The protagonist has a long list of weapons such as a crossbow, bombs, and two swords (one silver and one steel). The steel sword is basically used to kill humans while the silver sword supports the players fight against creatures and monsters more effectively (swords will be use in Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing part also).

On the other hand, there are 2 modes of melee attack which are light attacks and heavy attack. The light attacks are fast but weak, and heavy attacks are slower and stronger than the remaining one. Players can counter and block enemy attacks using their swords. Swords have a restricted endurance and need regular repairs. About the physical attacks, Geralt has five magical signals at his disposal: Axii, Aard, Yrden, Igni, and Quen. Aard inspires Geralt to release a telekinetic blast, Axii confuses enemies, Igni makes fires to burn enemies, Yrden reduces their speed, and Quen gives the players a protective and temporary shield. The signals use stamina, which cannot be used limitlessly.

witcher 3 in wolf's clothing 2

Players are allowed to use mutagens to enhance Geralt’s magic strengths. It the players are attacked by enemies, they will lose health, but the wearing armor can help mollify the loss. Additionally, the player’s health can be refilled with consumables or meditation such as potions and food. Players will manage Ciri, Geralt’s daughter, who can teleport in short distances. On the other hand, this game has advanced, artificial intelligence (AI) and wonderful environments. The day-night cycle affects some monsters as well as their powers, the werewolf becomes more powerful within the moon night. Players can understand more about their enemies and prepare for the real combats by searching about them in in-game instruction. If they kill an enemy successfully, they can steal its corpse. Geralt’s witcher sense permits the players to find objects of cool items and store them in the player’s inventory, which can be spread out by acquiring upgrades. Otherwise, players can sell items or use them to craft bombs.

witcher 3 in wolf's clothing 3

Now, let’s consider to the most interesting part of this game:

Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing.

In order to overcome the Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing, firstly, you have to contact the priestesses of Melitele to find out the story in the garden, then talk to priestess Josta about the beasts named Morkvarg. After that, you will follow the map to look for Freya’s Garden. If you return later, it belongs to the Norsk of the Eastern-most area in Skellige. In case that you didn’t complete it as part of the Nameless main quest, then you will have to find Morkvarg in the garden.

In order to find Morkvarg in the Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing part, you will follow the wolf tracks with the aim passing of a small river. They begin inside the garden and face with a locked gate at the Southern-most point. You will jump over several walls to chase after the prints, then cross a small bridge over a canal. Besides that, there is a ladder making by stones and getting you up to a location full of switches.

witcher 3 in wolf's clothing 4

The next important steps of Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing are shown below:


This step may confuse the players when participating in Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing section. Let’s use your witcher senses to seek for 2 levers to open sluice gates. There are 3 gates. The right lever manages the pegs which allow you to choose the gate. The left peg raises leading to the opening of the left gate, and so on. This will guide you to three areas. If you did this task at the first time as part of Nameless, then you just have to pull the left lever, jump into the water, and swim through the open sluice middle gate. To get back, you have to find a stone ladder and climb out.

Additional information of this part of Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing:

  1. The left-most floodgate helps you exit from the garden.
  2. The middle floodgate helps you come to Morgvark.
  3. The right floodgate helps you meet a crucial quest.


After swimming through the middle gate (you will see this gate many times in Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing part), climb out at the final state, and mark your way to a shack containing a torn-off door. In terms of getting lost, this shack is at the northern end of the map to guide you. Use your witcher senses to check the area, then you will meet Morkvarg and it will show you about the curse. You have to fight him (if you’re in a low-level, remind yourself about your potions and oils) and he will promise you that he will return again and again and what he eats will turn to ash. He also notes that biting off his limp will burn his throat.

This is a hint for this step of the Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing: you can pick up the flesh to feed Morkvarg to kill him. If you don’t want to deal with the quest, end it fast and you will receive 85 coins (the same as the rewards Josta gives you). However, let’s assume you want to complete it for a second reward in it, so take Morkvarg off and loot his body. You can repeat this kill to gain more werewolf meat and mutagens. Meditate until the wolf comes.

witcher 3 in wolf's clothing 5


Run back quickly from Freya’s Garden to Larvik to have a conversation with Einar about the curse. Einar goes out in the harbor. You will know that Archpriestess Ulve cursed Markvarg over a horrible crime. But it is a waste of time, so don’t give it a care and move on the mission of Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing.

Turn back to the switches and chase after your marker to a cave lying outside the garden to the north. You will see Morkvarg again and hear him talk about “Rramund” and a curious key that he holds. Let’s explore the cave with your witcher senses to find out his friend’s fate. This place contains a book about polymorphic. Do this task carefully; it is one of the most important compared to other steps of Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing.


A key – a solution to go through Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing part. You move back to the floodgate levers in the garden’s north-east part direction. Pull the right switch then pull the left one to unlock the right floodgate. Jump into the moat and repeat the swimming to the waterfall at the open middle gate. Use Cat to be able to see in the dark and dive through a tunnel. In the end, you will find out a cave with a valuable box, some minor goods, bones, and a key. Swim back and escape the moat through the stone ladder on the left.


Going back to the switches. Push the middle peg and then swim through the open middle gate to go to the Chapter House lying beside a huge tree. There is a building to the west, open the door, turn left and then climb up. (You are unable to open the door using the scratches.) Keep moving on and you will reach to the Chapter House. Inside the house, there are two doors and you have to open the right door to get some loot including a Longclaw diagram. Open the left door to collect more loot and Morkvarg’s Journal. You will find out that Morkvarg is a true liar (you may feel disappointed at this moment when playing the Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing)

witcher 3 in wolf's clothing 6


The shortest step of Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing. Let’s make a fast-return to the Larvik and oppose Einar via the “Lied to me”. Einar was one of Morkvarg’s inferior. Tell Einar that you do not expect for a fight and persuade him that you just want to lift the curse. Require him to do it for the priestesses and you take the necklace from him. After that, get back to your wolf friend.


The final step of Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing has been reached. Follow the guidance of your marker to find Morkvarg in the garden. Remember that now you have owned the key, so now you can open the left door (not the main gate) to approach there faster. If the marker turns off on the outside, meaning that Morkvarg is inside the cave. Open the gate near the cave entrance (north-east) in order to look for him. Make a battle against the werewolf, say your “here we are again,” and select the option to offer him the Toradar’s fang necklace.

witcher 3 in wolf's clothing 7

To surpass the Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing, you must complete this task. You will see that Morkvarg is unrepentant. Ask him for your deserved reward to ask him to tell you that you can generate some coins from a pawnshop owner in Novigrad. Quest is gone, he walks away, then you draw your sword or punch to start a battle. After winning, you have to loot his body for an extra sword and moreover, for a better feeling because you had wasted your time trying to protect this jackass.

Head back to Josta and receive your reward: 85 crowns.

In order to gain the second reward, head to Novigrad and have a talk with the Loan Shark in The Bits. After choosing “Morkvard Sends His Regards”, you will be rewarded with more experience points, Deithwen, and a torn-out page to brew the Werewolf Decoction. Finally, this is the end of the section Witcher 3 in Wolf’s clothing.

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