36 Witcher 3 mods to upgrade your game into a new level

One of the gamers’ privileges who own the PC with high resolution is the mods. With the super addictive game like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, mods totally can make this game although be very great but even can be much more excellent. Gameplay tweaks, graphical options, and other tools, etc are some prominent features the Witcher 3 mods bring players.

With Witcher 3 mods, this game can bring great value and make players play back and forth. It can make them have to spend hundreds or even thousands of hours to experience the game tirelessly. So, which are these mods and how powerful are they? Let’s go with us in this article to find out the answer!

Top 36 Witcher 3 mods

Mods for menu and travel

These mods are the ones that focus on tweaking menu and your travel experience. In detail, they will help you to expedite your journey, clean up your UI, and make the Dandelion shut up to the hell. There are a total of 9 different mods that we want to introduce to you in this section. Explore them below!

Fast Travel from Anywhere

The fact that there are dozens of signposts for fast travel in the Geralt world. However, surely sometimes you still want to be able to teleport magically whenever you like. This mod can help you do that because it allows players to teleport to any fast travel point from anywhere. In case you don’t feel interested in this, this mod is also able to cancel all fast travel routes except for a few hops between regions.

All Quest Objectives on Map

Although the map in this game isn’t thickly cluttered with icons, trying to remember locations of the herbalist is also an annoying job. So, this mod this a great choice for you. It can help you add every map icon including nearby merchants and quest objective to the map all the time. In case there are too many, you are always able to customize and hide any markers that you don’t need.

Additional Stash Locations

The fact that your Stash is able to access from a few places around the world. However, if you want to have more locations, this mod will help you. Installing this mod, you will have more eight new stash locations. Moreover, it also helps you to relocate two of the standard locations to more convenient areas. Finally, Additional Stash location mod is extremely useful when you’re using a realism mod.

Preparations Mod

One of the best parts in the early Witcher game is the feeling this game brings players. It’s similar to the feeling you need to do your homework before doing any big contract. For example, if you brew up Specter oil for the first time, surely you have to stock up on Moon dust, you meditate, and you sharpen your silver sword.

And by making meditation become a more meaningful process, this mod can help you to recaptures some of that old magic. You will have to meditate to spend points in your skill tree, refill alchemical items and oils, and repair items. A note for you that by default, if you use this mod, you aren’t allowed to eat and drink during combat. For this reason, before the Noon wraith hits the windmill, make sure you are all set

Friendly Meditation


In case you feel the Preparation Mod is more trouble than fun, Friendly Meditation is a great mod for you. With this mod, you not only still get all the vanilla meditation’s potion refilling benefits but also don’t have to look at a boring ol’ menu. Instead of that, the HUD falls away and you will have a nice view.

Friendly HUD

You can easily realize that the user interface of The Witcher 3 is a bit cluttered. However, turning off parts of it can make the game become more difficult. Don’t worry because Friendly HUD can help you because it is a mod for improving the on-screen issues. In detail, it allows players to freely change or hide unwanted visual indicators on the screen. In addition, it also adds many other features such as task marking system, new drug selection menu, and lots more.

Lamp on Player’s Boat

This isn’t a big deal but surely you will see your boat become nicer. With this mod, your sailboat will look more lovely with a few hanging lamps.

Disable Storybook Videos

This mod will help us disable the storybook narration videos that we have to listen to over and over again. With me, this mod is really useful because I just want to feed Dandelion and his stupid mouth into a wood chipper for these Storybook Videos.

Jump in Shallow Water

You couldn’t jump when being in shallow water before, however, with this mod, now you can.

Combat mods

I’m sure that millions of gamers are looking for these mods. With one of the best PC RPGs of all time like The Witcher 3, customizing combat to make it harder or easier, or cooler is so great. And these mods below will help you do that.

Critical Slow Motion Combat Mod


If you feel the combat in The Witcher 3 lacks a cinematic flair, this mod with a special ability to slows down the action will be the best choice for you. It is able to slow down the action when Geralt bring out a critical hit and surely you will surprise with the effect that it brings. The scene when the bandit’s head flew from his shoulders, it’s so perfect and awesome!

Auto Apply Oils

In The Witcher 3, one of the best bits of roleplaying is its weapon oils’ system. However, when you sit hours and hours in front of your PC just to dig in Geralt’s bags and applying them, surely you will feel so boring. And that is the time for the mod Auto Apply Oils come in. Like the name, this mod can help you apply the oil automatically.


I love this mod because, with it, I don’t have to rummage through corpses after every battle. It’s so great when being able to pick up all the area loot for Geralt automatically regardless of whether you have been battling rotfiends or digging through drawers in Oxenfurt, right? But that isn’t all because this mod also ensures that Geralt doesn’t accidentally steal valuables. Besides that, you are also able to customize the thing he will pick up and the thing he will leave behind.


If you are looking for a mod that can offer a general overhaul, FCR3 is the mod for you. This mod consists of a huge list of minor tweaks, nerfs, and buffs that can make the game world become more dangerous as well as balanced.

Enemies of Rivia

Installing this mod, you will see that it changes so much about combat and the behavior of enemies. It can say that this mod is almost ambitious enough to be moved into the Overhaul mod category. With this mod, enemies will be smarter, faster, as well as harder to KO. When leveling up, these enemies are also able to learn new behaviors and attacks instead of just doing the same thing as in lower level but with higher DPS numbers. So, if you are looking for a challenge, this mod is for you.


With people who are long-time Witcher fans, E3 2014 was a golden era. In that time, everything is so great: sweet wine, sharp swords, and stupid ghouls. For those who still recall that time, E3DodgeSystem is a great mod for them.

Gear and Trade

These mods were created to lighten or weigh down your load. In addition, they also can help you rebalance loot and make the gear look cooler. Let’s explore these mods below!

Over 9000 Weight

This is also a great mod for those who always want to store anything and can’t toss away any sword in the collection of swords. We both know that in normal, we only have a limitation of weight. But with this mod, you will have over 9000 Weight. It’s so great because now you almost never have to worry about the weight and whether you should carry something.

Increased Creature Loot

If you don’t want to pay too much attention in hunting creatures and monsters to make a living, this mod is for you. With the ability to increase the chances of animals dropping meat, hide, and etc, you will never have to be tired of hunting creatures anymore.


This mod offers vendors some deeper pockets and encourages them to pay you more for your goods. It is a great way to earn more in this game, right? However, this patch was abandoned before 1.31. So, if you still want to use it, you must either choose this unofficial patch or choose the updated remix that is uploaded by another modder.

The Gwent Card Dealer

This mod adds a new Gwint Card salesman and he will sell 99% of all Gwent Cards. So, for those who want to play with their monster, this mod is a great choice for them.

Useful Witcher Tool Inkeeper

This mod is similar to the Gwent Dealer one. It is able to turn a humble innkeeper into the greatest Witcher quartermaster in the world.

Black Scabbards

The fact that this mod is a simple edit of XML that can make all scabbards black including DLC.

Geralt Cloak

Geralt Cloak is one of the best mod ever designed. The game will look cool as hell wrapped in a thick wool cloak with this mod. Besides that, the most important is that new keybindings will make Geralt raise or lower his hood depending on the weather condition or your mood.

SezonBurzWitcher Gear

This mod is so great and based on descriptions from the book Storm Season of Andrzej Sapkowski. You will have a chance to experience a new feeling and experience since this mod set fits right in with the Witcher lore.

Indestructible Items

If you feel that spending time and money on repairing gear is so tedious; this mod will help you pull the entire weapon degradation system out of the game.

Graphics and camera changes

Mods in this section will help you tweak the photo mode, reworked textures, HUD tweaks and more. Find out them below!

Absolute Camera

If you feel unhappy with the placement of the camera while running, fighting, or doing anything else, this mod is a great choice that you shouldn’t ignore. It allows you to change the distance and angle of camera. Besides that, it also gives you over a dozen customizable options for camera placement for you to choose from.

Realistic Weather

This mod helps you improve the weather experience in Novigrad and environs. It emphasizes fog, brings more snow in Skellige, and better light rain animations. In addition, the description page also offers a list of setting for you to change.


If you want to take some awesome screenshots of Geralt in action, surely you shouldn’t miss this mod. With powerful ability, this mod allows you to freeze the game at will. After that, you are also able to fly your camera around in 3D space to line up the perfect picture. But that isn’t all. This mod even allows you to make yourself invisible and create fog and mist to make the picture more atmospheric.

HD Reworked

If you are looking for better, crisper, and more detailed models, this mod is for you. It offers an excellent visual with the ability to reflect the shadow of rocks and wood on water. It can say that, with this mod, you will realize that all the things, rocks, trees, crates, roofs, walls, waterfalls, etc have all been overhauled.

Fantasy Graphics

This mod offers a lusher and more colorful look.

No Dirty Lenses

Like the name of this mod, it can help you to clean the dirty lens. And therefore, you will have many more beautiful pictures.

More Blood

If you are looking for a gory combat like a Tarantino film, this mod can satisfy you.

Increased Draw Distance

In case your rig has the horsepower to spare, let’s consider to use this mod. Let’s imagine and you will realize that this game will be even better if you can see miles of it at once. We can’t deny the benefit that this game brings, but I still want to remind you that if you turn on Ultra mode in Novigrad, your performance will drop. However, if your computer is beefy enough, it doesn’t matter.

Vampires Have No Shadows

This mod is similar to the More Shadows mod. In this mod, vampires have no shadows even though when they walk in the sun.

Overhaul Mods

Mods in this section will make massive changes to the combat, alchemy, and other systems of this game. Surely you will have a new and exciting experience when installing these mods.

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition

For the players who broke the “The Witcher 3” and feel that they know this product well, you should try the “The EnhancedEdition”. This elaborate mod changes almost all of the system in the game, enhancing attribute stats, adding skills …, making all of your common knowledge useless.

The Enhancement System

If you need a few more weapons and armor options, don’t ignore this mod. It offers new schematics in shops that allow you to have more weapon options there.

Ghost Mode

“Ghost Mode” is also an interesting mod like the “Enhanced Edition”. It changes many of the original game’s system, ensuring the player will have a whole new experience, more challenging with cleverer enemies.