List of the best terraria mods that you have to know

Terraria is one of the best values on Steam, providing a lot of meaningful hours of action-packed sandbox gameplay for a surprisingly fair low price ($9.99 – and it goes on sale fairly often). Terraria has already become an awesome and popular game, which we are going to highlight in this paper.

If you have not picked it up yet, or if it is gathering digital dust in your overcrowded Steam Library, now this is a perfect time to return back into the game and check all of the incredible additions as well as all the best terraria mods that have introduced within seven years. Remember that while Terraria is available on everything, modding capabilities are in the Mac, Windows, and Linux game versions.

The tModLoader application

Unlike many other games, Terraria is not supported by Steam Workshop. Instead, you will use tModLoader application, which adds a mod browser to Terraria’s main menu and then opens the door to the countless awesome mods. Besides, the game’s Vanilla files and Modded files are distinguished, in case you expect to keep playing your “basic” game. If you are a special savvy coder (or even a beginner), tModLoader can also be used to make your own mods.

You can find the final version of tModLoader for download here. Extensive documentation with basic usage guidance for setting as well as getting started, can be seen here. Once you have installed the favorable mods, go to the “Mods” menu, choose “Reload Mods” then “Enable All.”

All best terraria mods below can be found within the tModLoader browser. Many will play perfectly together, but if you still need help, we recommend you to have a glance the official Terraria mods and tools forum. tModLoader also has a dedicated help thread and a Discord Channel.

2.     Quality of life improvement mods

These best terraria mods concentrate on optimizing all parts of the gameplay that can normally be considered as annoyances whereas not mainly affecting the overall difficulties.

Magic Storage:

As fun as those items are to collect, they are a total pain to keep organized. Magic Storage permits you to make an item storage network that helps you easily access your things from anywhere you have prepared an access point. You can even search, craft and filter!


A pretty simple mod that fixes one of the botheration in pretty much every game ever. All the items except accessories, weapons, and armor, will now stack to 9999.

Recipe Browser:

Limit your time spent scouring wikis to know how to craft the necessities (and everything else) with the support of Recipe Browser. Looking for every in-game recipe and view correctly which materials are able to craft it, along with the asked crafting station, if applicable. You can find by that item’s name or words in the tool-tips, even supporting partial search terms. Recipe Browser also equipped a bestiary and item database.

Wing Slot:

Wings do not have their private slot, and they should be like that. This mod gives a specialized wing slot for both equipped and vanity wings.

Boss Checklist:

Boss checklist is totally the same as what it sounds: an in-game boss checklist mod that represents which bosses you have already defeated and the list of bosses in a suggested progression order. Simple and useful.

Auto Trash:

This mod lets you individualized items to be automatically trashed, decreasing clutter (including materials, blocks, etc.) in your inventory. No more manually discarding those unexpected blocks!

3. Gameplay modifying mods

If you are looking to push Terraria modification a bit further and do not care about ease anything, test this gameplay modifying best terraria mods that can help you collect the necessary items faster and easier.

Start with Base:

This basic mod among our best terraria mods starts your character off in a new world with an already-organized base. The mod provides a little handful of starter bases that are produced at the end of world creation. These bases are planned with your NPCs and can make it become simple to enter the new world.


This handy mod in the list of best terraria mods makes it effortless rather than ever to mine an ore vein. VeinMiner allows you to collect all blocks in a mineral vein by mining single tile whereas keeping the hotkey. There also has a toggle to make it activate for others, non-mineral blocks.

Alchemist NPC:

Vanilla Terraria’s potions are quite wonderful, but usually can be hard to enquire in desired quantities. This mod provides unlockable NPCs that sell a lot of potions in the game, along with select ingredients. These NPCs are unlocked by eliminating vanilla bosses and meeting other tasks.

Reduced Grinding:

For those players who do not have much time to play or just aim to have rapid access to all the wonderful things that the game offers, Reduced Grinding should be recommended! This mod adds particular potions to farm easier by improving spawn rates, toggling events,…, and enhanced drop and catch rates of some harder to gain items. There’s even new recipes!

Bags of Holding:

It cannot be denied that inventory management may be a hassle, and Bags of Holding exist to mitigate this. This mod applies kind of bags that can be installed in your accessory slots to automatically collect selected items of the bag type (for example: fishes will go into the Fishing Bag, wood will belong to the Wood Bag, so on…). This mod is appropriate for giving a fantastic amount of additional inventory space since items in those bags can stack to absolute limitations.


This mod supplements infinite-use versions of consumable items, such as arrows, potions, as well as torches.

4.     Complete game overhaul mods

If you have already spent many hours for Vanilla Terraria and now you are searching for new experiences, you may think about more than one of these incredible overhaul best terraria mods. Each mod includes a ridiculous number of new items; for instance: NPCs, biomes, bosses, and so much more other items… Figure out every mod’s thread to realize what’s in store for you. On the other hand, many of these best terraria mods have their special wikis, which are connected in the official tModLoader thread.

  • Calamity
  • Antiaris
  • Thorium
  • Spirit
  • The Split

5.     Creative and sandbox mods

If you prefer something advanced rather than the traditional Terraria gameplay, join in these “god mode” style sandbox mode – some of the best terraria mods that make you feeling interesting and play around with the game’s unique features.

Cheat Sheet:

This mod is originally Vanilla Terraria in sandbox mode, granting the ability to spawn any item, NPC, and so on… that you desire. There is even in-game TEdit, which will be mentioned below, permits you to color the sections of the map and also the copy-paste function. This one is obviously not for “legit” gameplay experience, but is still fun to mess around.

Hero’s Mod:

This mod pays attention to rather than a server control system and administration, adding dramatically helpful tools for anyone running their private Terraria server. You can manage time, prohibit players, spawn NPCs, save the map areas and so on.


Honestly, it is not technically a mod, TEdit is truly a standalone map editor that is a meaningless function for the Terraria players. If you have ever witnessed fool complicated pixel art-style creations on Reddit, some of them may have been invented with the help of this program, as an opportunity. TEdit allows you to load your existing world and changes it in a grid-based editor, offers paint-like tools to give and create anything you like. Nevertheless, unluckily, this program itself is only available for Windows users.


It is a standalone app instead of being a mod. This application lets you observe your entire Terraria world. Simply load in your world’s save file and you will have the ability to see all ores, blocks, items in the NPCs, chests, dungeons, and much more. This can be beneficial to locate specific chests and biomes; however, it can discourage you from exploring the map by yourself. The developer is also carrying out on a web-based version of the tool, which you can refer here.


The Tremor Mod Remastered is one of the best terraria mods. Packing greater than 522 items including 7 NPCs, weapons, lots of mobs, and six extra bosses, the mod’s seven-person team is not joking when it claims “our target for the mod is to help Terraria become bigger and fill it with even more and more contents than it has already had.” Moreover, Tremor owns exclusively advanced mode treasure which forces even the best Terraria players/intrepid to loot hunters going for sometimes.

imkSushi’s crafting mod:

Terraria is a game about development – about raising your character, your unique skills and, most important, your opportunities for surviving. Therefore, this mod as one of the best terraria mods then will help you meet that core features of this game. Crafting plays a very huge part of this and if mentioned about perseverance as well as successful scavenging, imkSushi’s mod allows you to craft whatever you prefer. This meaning of life addition makes items that are often found out in chests and drops readily available, therefore this is certainly suitable for action-oriented players. Otherwise, you can purchase boss-summoning items from the NPCs, so long as you beat the adversary in question before.

N Terraria:

Terraria has been already a time-sink to compete any RPG, but N Terraria changes it into a fully featured role-playing experience with all the kinds of traps: races, classes, a level system, NPC companions as well as quests… It also turns the game to become more difficult rather than the Adamantite, but it is all part of the charm.


TerraFirma is the primary mapping tool for the inquisitive adventurer. This invaluable tool takes the world map out of your control and makes it become a view mode, taking the assumption out of spelunking for resources. Besides, you can use it in order to sneak a peek into the chests, look for statues, or eventually discover the underground desert.