Fill your emptiness with this cruel but hilarious game – Trap Adventure 2

Answer to this question honestly: “How many times have you accomplished the adventures in Platform games?”. We all know that not everyone is persist enough to finish any Adventure game he plays. Sometimes because the gameplay isn’t addictive, while sometimes because of the harsh graphics, which makes an Adventure game looks less enjoyable. In this article, we would like to introduce to you one of the biggest Adventure games of all time, whose name is Trap Adventure 2. With the promising storyline from Trap Adventure 2, your gaming experience with this game will be something you never forget.

General Information

Developed and published by the Japanese game developer Hiroyoshi Oshiba in June 2016, Trap Adventure 2 is an amazing Adventure, Survival and Platform game. First published for only the iOS platform, Trap Adventure 2 later be captured to appear on many other similar platforms such as Android and PC because of its unexpected popularity. Even when the title of the game indicates that it is the second instalment in the series of Trap Adventure, there is no evidence of the original version to be found.

Outstanding Gameplay

Known as the nightmarish version of Super Mario Bros, Trap Adventure serves flip-screen gameplay with a part of it uses the vertical scrolling. Somehow, the player will feel like they were experiencing Cat Mario as this game and Trap Adventure 2 shares the similar gameplay. However, the gameplay of Trap Adventure 2 is outstanding for its unpredictable traps that you only can see in the prank videos on the Internet. In the gameplay of Trap Adventure 2, the player will be involved in a thrilling Adventure which includes several traps such as spikes and flames. To win the game, each player must learn how to deal with the deadly traps and find ways to accomplish all 25 levels.

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The difficulties

It’s no joke that Trap Adventure 2 isn’t a game for the soft gamers who are looking for instant victory in trashy video games. As you start playing Trap Adventure 2, you must prepare yourself for the instant deaths in the game that any newcomer has to face. As you advance in the game, you will soon learn that the functions of the traps are locking the player from achieving greatness in the video game. The only method to unlock the gate to success in Trap Adventure 2 is learning from your mistakes.

Cruel but Hilarious

Regardless of the fact that many players find it annoying dying so many times after they play the game, Trap Adventure 2 still make a vast amount of players laugh over their silliness. The funny thing that never gets wrong is that you always chase after what you can’t have. Trap Adventure 2 captures this idea and turns it into amazing challenges which satisfy the curiosity of the players.


Trap Adventure 2 is a must-try video game. Apart from the mass-produced trash video games, we find on the Internet these days, and Trap Adventure 2 proves its greatness by receiving thousands of downloads each month ever since it was released. If you are interested in investing such games that can make an impact on your reflex, try Trap Adventure 2!