How to play Happy Wheels?

Happy Wheel is a Platform, Wheel, and 2D Racing video game. Developed and released by Jim Bonacci in 2010, Happy Wheels has step-by-step taken over the game world of its genre. The game stabbed the hearts of millions of computer gamers around the world and has been expanded to several later versions. Even the developer of the game didn’t know that Happy Wheels would become a hit after it is released. Until now, Happy Wheels has reached the number of million times playing on various platforms. However, the is a huge number of players, including the newcomers to the game, don’t know how to roll the best wheels in Happy Wheels. In this article, we will give you a couple of instructions on how to play Happy Wheels the best way you can.

Instruction number one: You should play “Happy Wheels” at its original website.

Don’t you know that Happy Wheels has its own site? At this site, you can play the full game of Happy Wheels instead of the demo version you see anywhere. With the full version of the game, you can experience Happy Wheels better with its cartoon violence, body explosion, and blood spurting. Isn’t it amazing?

Instruction number two: Don’t forget to sign up for an account

This action helps you rate the levels you play in Happy Wheels, as well as save, replay and even create your own levels!

Instruction number three: Who says you are ready when you aren’t used to the controls of the game?

Happy Wheels provides you with a full list of controls in the instructions of the game. If you are a smart player, you should write down this instruction so you don’t have to go back to the front screen to check up on them again.

Instruction number four: Remember to learn unique character abilities!

You heard us! Each character in the world of Happy Wheels has special characters that you should manage before you get to play them. As you manage your favorite character’s special moves, you will be able to overcome several obstacles throughout the race. Here is the list of the special abilities of the characters in Happy Wheels:

Wheelchair Guy — press the Shift & Ctrl button to rotate the jet and press the space bar to fire.


The most played games. Number 1 is Bad Ice Cream 3


Segway Guy — Press the space bar to jump and press the Shift & Ctrl button to change posture

Irresponsible Dad or Mom — Press the Space bar to brake and press the Shift & Ctrl button to eject individual riders, press the C button to switch the camera to a child

Effective Shopper — Press the Space bar to jump

Moped Couple — Press the Space bar boost the speed, press the Ctrl button to brake, press the Shift button to eject woman, press the C button to switch the camera to a woman

Lawnmower Man — Press the Space bar to jump.

Explorer Guy (in minecart) — Press the Shift and Ctrl button to lean, and hold the Space bar to attach cart to rails

Santa Claus — Press the Space bar to float and press the Shift button to release elves after they are injured, press the C button to switch the camera to elves

Pogostick Man — hold the Space bar to charge a larger bounce, press the Shift & Ctrl button to change posture

Helicopter Man — Press the Space bar to release magnet, Press Shift & Ctrl button to raise and lower it.

In conclusion

With our instructions, we kindly hope that you will have a cool experience with Happy Wheels. Take your turn and start this wonderful game now!