Star Fox 64 cheats and hints for newbie

Star Fox 64 is a 3D action and shooting game for Nintendo 64, which is a later version of Star Fox. This game takes the background in a fictional world and the player will be a pilot as a protagonist. In reality, Star Fox 64 has sold more than 4 million copies to become the best-seller of Nintendo of all times. It has received feedback such as cool visuals, superb soundtrack, well-written game structure, etc. Because of being extremely famous, it has attracted many new players to engage in. Therefore, we would like to provide several Star Fox 64 cheats and hints to guide the newbies in this game, help them find it easier and more interesting when playing the game.

  • Disable the Crosshair:

In order to remove the crosshair, click R trigger after stopping the gameplay. This is the easiest cheat in the list of Star Fox 64 cheats.

  • Expert mode:

In order to open Expert mode, you have to collect up to 15 medals in the gameplay.

  • Play as a tank:

If you gain the medal in venom, then you will able to play as a tank in multiplayer mode.

  • Play on foot:

If you gain the medal on expert mode in venom, then you will able to play on foot in multiplayer mode.

  • Title Screen Trick:

For this complicated Star Fox 64 cheat, on the Title Screen, click B once, then rotate the analog joystick. Keep doing that until you see the number 64 on the logo begins to move. Let’s move it to a random point on the screen and you will see that the character’s heads will follow. Getting out of the stick and it will come to the original position.

  • Expert training/versus:

Changing the main game to “expert”, and you will be able to use Expert rules if the case of moving to Training or Versus modes.

  • New Title Screen:

Achieving 15 medals in expert mode to get another title screen.

  • A never ending versus match:

The game finishes if the player can collect enough points he/she expects to get. In terms of you are playing in multiplayer mode(3-4 players), you have killed 2 players (one more to win). If you can kill 2 of them at once, the game will skip the third person and jump to the fourth, so the counter will be messed up which makes an endless game until you reset it.

  • Full Shadow:

In Versus mode, you will observe the whole shadow of The Arwing if you can damage both of your wings.  Try to do this cheat because it is an interesting one compared to other Star Fox 64 cheats.

  • Artwork:

Killing Venom on expert mode then you will see 2 pieces of artwork, which bases on the way you kill Venom (easy or hard).

  • Untouchable in VS mode:

In VS mode, you have to fly as high as possible by using the Arwing. After that, make a U-turn (Down + C-down) immediately when your energy comes back to you. Staying there until the Arwing goes too far and get out of the screen. Then the players cannot attack you.

  • Unlock alternate title screen:

To open alternate title screen, let’s collect medals in each planet on Expert mode.

  • Level Warps:

There are many sections in various levels which offer warp points. You shoot that points and move to a mysterious level. Winning this level and go to another level.

  • Sound test:

Unlocking the Expert mode and you will hear the sound effects during the gameplay. This cheat will entertain you a lot rather than other Star Fox 64 cheats.

  • Expert mode:

To get expert mode, you are asked to gain 15 medals in 3DS or Nintendo 64 mode.

  • Alternate Title Screen:

Completing the main part in N64, 3DS, and expert mode with a condition that getting all gold medals in each part.

  • Training and Score Attack modes:

You only have to start playing the main game and complete the training so as to open Training and Score Attack modes.

  • Music test:

Overcome the “main game” and it will open the Music test mode for you.