The Witcher 3 Console Commands – Key Commands that Really Work

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may be a huge game with tons to check and do. In reality, we have a tendency to reckon you will not see half the things accessible, thus why not have a run through with cheats enabled, permitting you to play with indomitability, spawning everything your heart wishes, and even dominant Ciri rather than Geralt. Read more to learn more! We offer the Witcher 3 console commands here. Read more to learn!

The game options a vast open world, a sprawling narrative and simply one hundred hours of content supported exploring the globe and meeting its inhabitants. The Witcher 3 resumes Geralt’s story once the events of The Witcher a pair of, that finds the Northern Realms vulnerable by a Nilfgaardian occupation force. He receives a mysterious letter from his former lover, the sorcerer Yennefer of Vengerberg. Geralt spark on a search to search out Yennefer which will span continents and reunite him together with his lost recipient Ciri. To alter cheats and console commands you’ll have to put in The Witcher 3 right Console Enabler – the Witcher 3 Console Commands from modder Skomski. Once this is often done you’ll be able to access the console by pressing the ” ~ ” key.

The Witcher 3 Console Commands – Player Commands

god – Make invincibility enabled

healme – Fulfill Geralt’s HP bar

Ciri – Alternate player character to Ciri

Geralt – Switch player character to Geralt

The Witcher 3 Console Commands – Character Commands

setlevel(#) – Choose your player level

levelup – Upgrade player level by 1

addexp(#) – Adds such that quantity of expertise points

learnskill(skill) – Learns such that ability – List of Skill Codes will be found below.

Cat(1) – Activates scotopic vision

Cat(0) – Disables scotopic vision

setbeard(1) – Sets a beard on Geralt

shave – Clears Geralt’s facial hair

seatattoo(1) – Permits tattoo from Witcher 2 save

seatattoo(0) – Clears tattoo from Witcher 2 save

The Witcher 3 Console Commands – Inventory Commands

additem(name,#) – Adds selected item(s) to inventory. EG, additem(Arbitrator,3) – Full List of things will be found below

addmoney(#) – Adds such that quantity of Crowns

removemoney(#) – Removes such that range of Crowns

The Witcher 3 Console Commands – Map Commands

gotoNovigrad – now fast-travel to Novigrad

gotoSkellige – now fast-travel to the Skellige Isles

gotoKaerMorhen – now fast-travel to Kaer Morhen

gotoProlog – now fast-travel to White garden

gotoPrologWinter – now fast-travel to White garden

ShowAllFT(1) – Find out all Signposts

ShowPins(1) – Find out all map icons and areas

The Witcher 3 Console Commands – Gwent Commands

secretgwint – now play a spherical of Gwent anyplace

winGwint(#) – Win current Gwent game with such that number of power points.

addgwintcards – Adds one amongst of} every Gwent card to your deck

additem(card,#) – Adds such that range of desired Gwent cards.

Cheats and Secrets for The Witcher 3 instruct you to each hidden space, through each obscure puzzle and cryptic code. Whether or not you are looking for Secret Treasure Locations or checking out locations in our Interactive Map you have returned to the correct place.

Unlimited Money Exploit

In The Witcher 3 Console Commands, This exploit will earn you one thousand crowns every minute. You need to obtain shells from a businessperson in Novigrad, then dismantle them and so sell the pearls they contain for a better worth. It works like this:

Step 1: Visit the businessperson at Hierarch Square in Novigrad. Obtain all his Shells and Ocean Shells. Obtain as several as you’ll be able to, his inventory can fill again if you exit the look.

Step 2: Visit the armorer right next to the businessperson. Dismantle the Shells to urge Pearls and Black Pearls.

Step 3: Sell the pearls to the armorer until he runs out of cash.

Step 4: Meditate for five days and also the armorer can have roughly one thousand coins once more. Sell Pearls to him once more.

Step 5: Do these again and again. This is one of the great The Witcher 3 Console Commands.

Buying and activating Shell prices eight coins. Commerce the pearl you get from it provides you 109 coins! That is one hundred and one coins profit per shell!

The Witcher 3 Console Commands, you can keep doing this for but long you would like. Ought to the businessperson not have shells available you wish to meditate or quick trip another map, then check once more.

Alternate Money and Cow Milk Exploit

To execute this command in the Witcher 3 Console CommandsWhile not has high profit because the Pearl exploit, you’ll be able to kill the 2 cows at the doorway to White Orchard for his or her pelts to sell and cow’s milk to drink. If you meditate for 2 hours, they’ll respawn (alongside their fallen brethren). You’ll be able to then sell the hides for twenty-seven coins a chunk, and also the milk restores vitality for a humongous thirty seconds. The near merchandiser does not have a great deal of cash to trade, therefore you will either ought to meditate for 5 full days, or quick visit alternative merchants who can purchase the pelts.

Locations in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Beside the Witcher 3 Console Commands – There square measure many sorts of Locations in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, and everyone is exclusive as the last. Locations square measure usually full of danger and rewards or might provide refuge for a traveling Witcher. Such locations include:

Notice Boards – usually found around cities and cities, these boards provide bounties, quests, and general data concerning the world at massive. Interacting with a board also will reveal close square measures to indicate what they honestly are.

Hidden Treasure – these treasure troves square measure typically related to little quests that entail a brief scavenger hunt, or reveal the situation of the key to unlock the aforesaid treasure. Be warned, as these locations will be dangerous.

Merchants – Merchants square measure the lifeblood of any space within the kingdoms of the Witcher. Typically found at mercantilism posts, towns, or perhaps on the road, merchants can obtain and sell a spread of products.

Armorer’s Table – never underestimate the facility of a well-placed armorer’s table to produce that further little bit of protection as you venture forth. You’ll usually notice these in cities and forges, and their advantages square measure too nice to ignore.

Grindstone – just like the armorer’s table, the stone is warranted a fast stop whenever you happen to be passing by one. Having increased injury will create all the distinction once taking your next monster quest.

Armorer – very similar to the merchants, armorers can also be found in several of the cities, mercantilism posts, and cities within the Witcher 3. Visit them to get higher armor, and repair or craft your own items furthermore.

Smuggler’s Cache – The waterways of the globe square measure usually employed by knavish smugglers, who tend to cover their dirty gains on the QT locations for you to search out. They will not mind.

Bandit Camp – the wild of the Witcher 3 is home to several thugs and bandits wanting to prey upon the innocent. If you are willing to move off the overwhelmed path, it will be worthwhile to show the predatory on the raiders, as their camps square measure usually full of pillaged wealth.

Blacksmith – metalworkers act very similar to Armorers, therein they’re going to sell you a great many varieties of assemblage, armor, and more. Additionally, to the present, you’ll additionally repair your own weapons, and craft new ones if the metalworker is of the proper adept level.

Secret Treasure – Some treasure chests square measure thus rare that they will not seem on the map, even once exploring. These chests square measure usually tucked away in watercourse beds or on the QT basement cellars – however, square measure continuously price exploring for his or her wealth.

Witcher Gear

Apart from the Witcher 3 Console Commands – Even rarer than the multitude of treasure chests area unit secret location of sacred Witcher faculty gear, together with steel and silver swords, and outfits and armor additionally.

Herbalist – Therapist’s area unit very similar to merchants, solely they deal specifically in herbs, potions, and therefore the like.

Alchemist – Intellectuals is found in places the same as herbalists, solely they deal in potions and recipes rather than herbs.

Persons in Distress – Bandits area unit renowned for taking few prisoners, and torturing those they are doing. If you encounter a brigand camp, make certain to appear for any confined folks – as they’re usually merchants who can come to their posts and reward you for your saving.

Abandoned site – There are a few areas within the regions of the Witcher three that are abandoned, typically because of the incursion of monsters or bandits. Clearing such a site can, sure enough, bring trade back to the region, rental you utilize the realm as a base camp.

Monster Nest – Many sorts of monsters often build nests that function spawning points for horrid creatures. By mistreatment bombs, Geralt will detonate the hives and loot the remains for valuable rewards.

Spoils of War – Deep below the waters of the Witcher 3 lie several shipwrecks and spoils of war simply waiting to be plundered by brave adventurers, willing to get into no matter lurks within the depths.

Monster Den – There area unit several caves situated all across the globe that function lairs for many varieties of monsters and ghouls. Those willing to cut into their depths could realize rewards once a protracted a bloody battle.

Signposts – You’ll realize signposts all across the lands of Velen, Skellige, White woodlet and Novigrad that solely mark the locations that you simply visit, however, offer a quick travel purpose that enables you to travel simply across the land in speedy succession.

Boats – On the waters edge you’ll usually realize little vacant boats which will be accustomed sail long distances, that is beneficial within the Skellige Isles.

Guarded Treasure – typically the most effective treasure to be found is hoarded by powerful monsters United Nations agency have created the placement of their home. These are extraordinarily robust fights, however, ought to be worthwhile with the number of treasure to be gained.

Places of Power – There are several stones that lie across the land that may increase Geralt’s power with a specific wizardly sign. It’s usually value visiting these sacred sites, even once, for his or her power.